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Error Definition: 

The error has been observed on AX2009 Kernel (5.0.1600.3090) with Managment Reporter 2012 RU13  both databases installed on SQL 2012 SP1.

When running a Management Reporter 2012 report this error is shown in the Report Queue Status:

2016-01-25 10_28_19-WIN7 on HP650HNO - Virtual Machine Connection

Try  going into Column Definitions and open any column definition. If you get error “The operation could not be completed due to a problem in the data provider framework” check Windows Event logs.

2016-01-25 10_31_50-WIN7 on HP650HNO - Virtual Machine Connection

On the event logs the very first error on Management Reporter may show something like “One functional currency code must be defined”

2016-01-25 10_37_31-WIN7 on HP650HNO - Virtual Machine Connection


To resolve the issue you must enable the secondary currency in Dynamics AX and set the secondary currency for all existing companies. -If you need help on this feel free to drop a message.